Tuck - In Device For Air Jet and Rapier Loom

Tuck-in device can reach the corresponding position matching the front, back, up and down directions of the weave shed and the position should be adjustable in the width wise direction. It's suited to produce the good Sarong Fabrics or Insect Net. The tuck-in device is equipped with its own scissors for weft cutting. Therefore, the fabric retainer plate of the loom should be movable and the length adjustable. Each time weaving, the fabric retainer plate should be adjusted precisely matching the reed width to avoid hindering the tuck-in device's movement. For a loom without installation of a tuck-in device, the fabric retainer plate can be a fixed type or movable type, but the movable type must be used after the tuck-in device is installed.

Tuck - In Device.png
Tuck - In Devices.png
Tuck - In Device.png

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