" Your partner in a new level of global competitiveness in energy - saving high efficiency"

INTER TECHMAQ CO., LTD was established since May 27, 2020. It's located in Muang Samutprakan, Thailand. The company provide two - stage screw air compressor, oil -free compressor and other sub - products to help the industries with the goals of becoming the most respected distributor, strategic business partner and a good example.

In almost 2 years continue operation and fast growing, INTER TECHMAQ got 16 companies in Thailand because of good services and high quality products provided.

We provide the high quality products to increase the production efficiency and the most energy-saving through innovation.

To maintain the best value of high quality products to the customers.

1. Energy - Saving Screw Air Compressor (Two Stage)
2. Nozzles for Air Jet Loom
3. Programmable Logic Controller (Control Box)
4. Permanent Magnet Motor + Inverter + Two Stage
5. IE4 WEG Brand High Efficiency Motor + Inverter + Two Stage
6. Oil Free Screw Air Compressor